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About Us:

The theoretical term for "life" or "living" is the continual growth and change of a particular thing. From this concept Liv Office was born with the promise to continually change, grow and push the boundaries in the commercial furniture industry.

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Liv Office is an Australian owned and operated business with an outstanding concept of design and manufacturing. Liv has sprung to its success due to its unique business model which has bridged a gap between "flat pack" and local manufacturing. Utilising its overseas melamine manufacturing facility to provide the common every day products in conjunction with its local Sydney based manufacturing facility, this has allowed it to create unique products at very affordable prices.


Liv Office believes in a paternalistic management structure which allows ideas to flow top-down & bottom-up. This means all staff have a great understanding of the manufacturing process which in turn provides great in-house designs on our products.

Why Choose Us?

Our Designs: At Liv Office we strive to create a perfect balance of elegance & functionality which is visible throughout our product range. All of our products are in-house designed which include our Reception range, Workstation frames, and our storage solutions. This means our products are always a standout from the crowd with stricking design and finishes. 


Our Overseas Facility: Utilising our skilled Australian design team we create computer stimulation of products such as our 2pack epoxy receptions or melamine & veneer storage range on software programs such as CAD & SketchUp. As our CNC's and other machinary are synced between our Sydney and our Vietnamese plant we perfectly replicate the same product to ensure consistency throughout the manufacturing process. 


Australian Facility: Liv Office is located in Sydney's south west. Holding a large range of ready-to-go items. With the use of our local machinery we can produce any size or colour selected from Australian board manufacturers such as Polytec & Laminex. 

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